At Future Adventures, we offer three pricing structures:

Pay As You Go

As simple as it sounds, you use our services as and when you require, for example a set day a week, or just a few hours every month, simply charged at an hourly rate determined by the tasks required to be completed.

Monthly Retainer

Again, nice and straight forward. Based on your work needs, we establish a monthly retainer cost for you. Our services are then available to you every day as required, whether in person, over the phone or via email. This means real time results for your business being able to sort issues, complete tasks and finalise projects as if we were in your building with you as a full time team member.

As part of this service we can also use a business registered email address for your company and even have a job title of your choosing, so we operate internally and externally as one of your team.

One Off Project

With many years of successful Project Management in place, Future Adventures can also help with one off Project Management needs. Whether the launch of a new project or service, the implementation of a new HR policy, or even just a back office de-clutter, we can quote for a one off project based entirely on your individual needs.


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